Garage Door Maintenance Tips & Benefits

Garage Door Maintenance Tips & Benefits

Garage Door Maintenance |

If your home has a garage then you already understand its benefits; a dry place for your vehicle and extra storage space for all your stuff. But what happens when your garage door no longer functions? It’s something we tend to take for granted and don’t often think about until there is a problem. One way to help prolong the life of your garage door is by completing a bi-annual maintenance on your door. This prolongs the life of your door and helps you to avoid costly repairs.



  • Know the condition of your door and all it’s moving parts
  • Prolong the life of your garage door
  • Extend the life of your springs and cables
  • Extend the life of rust-prone parts
  • Avoid spring breakage which can damage your door and/or vehicles and other belongings in your garage
  • Avoid split cables which can result in a damaged door and ultimately require replacement of your door



When we complete our inspections, we include a full inspection report so that you will know the condition of your door and all its moving parts. We inspect each panel to ensure there is no damage. We check the springs and cables and all the other important aspects of your garage door and we let you know what condition they are in and we offer our recommendations if repairs are needed or will be needed in the near future. So you never have to worry about immediate repairs when we come for our bi-annual maintenance unless of course, you request immediate repairs. Yes, we can fix things right on the spot!



  • Safety first!! Adjusting springs and cables can be very dangerous. Always call a professional if you are unsure. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Maintain your door twice a year: in the fall before the snow comes, and in the Spring when the snow melts (October & April are best!)
  • If something doesn’t seem right, stop using your garage door and call in an expert to check it out right away.
  • When you begin to notice wear and tear (on your bottom seal for example) replace it before it affects other parts of your door.
  • Ensure tracks, rollers and bottom brackets are always free from water to avoid rust. Never use a water-based lubricant on your door.
  • Apply an oil-based lubricant and a rust preventative every 6 months to your door to ensure the life of your garage door.


If you would like to book our bi-annual maintenance service, please give us a call or click here to contact us!

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